Think global, act local
Мысли глобально, но держись корней
No man is born wise or learned
Мастером нельзя родиться, мастерству надо учиться

MBA of the Ulyanovsk
State University

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History of MBA

jerry-marcy-monkman-baker-hall-on-the-dartmouth-college-green-in-hanover-new-hampshire-usaThe homeland of MBA is the United States of America. The seven students of Dartmouth College received their diplomas of business education, after graduating the program M.C.S. (Master of Commercial Science) in the spring of 1902. And they became the first certified managers in the world. Since then, the College in the town of Hanover, New Hampshire state considered the cradle of business education. After the first business school began to open and others. For many decades in a row diplomas of schools at the universities with more than century history, such as Harvard (HBS), Stanford University (Stanford GBS), Yale University (Yale SOM), University of Pennsylvania (the Wharton Business School), are pass into the world of business. Over time MBA programs have existed only in the U.S.A.

There was an important and significant event in 2000. Russian Association of business education (RABE) and the Ministry of education approved the diploma of master of business administration (MBA). The Russian state requirements to the MBA programs were developed on the basis of the international standards. Since then, MBA graduates began to receive additional to the document on higher education diploma with the qualification «Master of business administration».

There were certain prerequisites for the appearance of the first business-schools. The economy of the era of reorganization in many respects was innovative, and new shots were required. 

In February 1987, the decree of the Soviet government was published and it sets out the plan of training staff to work in a free market. Its consequence was the decision of the Council of Ministers in 1988, marked the beginning of the formation of two Russian business - schools: the Graduate School of International Business at the Academy of National Economy and the Graduate Business School of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation.

After some time schools have been established with known and recognized educational institutions such as CEA.G.In. Plekhanov, MGIMO, Academy of national economy, Academy of management.

Over time, the number of schools increased, but the single concept of business - education still missing. In 1990, at a meeting of representatives of Russian business - schools, it was decided to establish a single organization - the Russian Association of Business - Education (RABE). To this day, it solves very significant challenges facing the Russian business - education in general. RABE is respected not only in Russia, and no outside. This organization is a member of major international associations, accrediting programs of business - education throughout the world, including AACSB, EFMD and CEEMAN.
Thousands of people went into business with new economic opportunities. He was all new, but this did not stop them. At that time, were required, first of all, retraining programs - and they come in many Russian business - schools. But gradually it became clear that two months can not be taught everything you need, and short-term courses have given way to longer. The beginning of formation of the market of long-term programs of business - education can be considered in 1995.
Russian MBA programs are designed according to western patterns, but at the same time very different from their foreign counterparts. For a long time, the domestic standard MBA was absent, and each school adhered to his own understanding of the business - education. The situation is complicated by the fact that business - education was not officially recognized. To be eligible for the issuance of a diploma, the school forced its program called refresher courses, second degree or master degree programs in "Economics and Management". Of course, this prevented the successful development of the business - education. No country in the world in such a short time, it is subjected to so many tests.
The MBA program «Master of Business Administration» opened in Ulyanovsk State University in 2006 (the Order №661 from 21.03.2006, the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science Ministry of Education and Science).
December 1, 2006 was a presentation of the MBA Program.
The MBA program includes the study of the classical theories of management and economics, modern concepts of strategic management, global trends in the management of material, human, information and financial resources, introduces the best practices of strategic analysis and formulating strategies for successful companies. All the studied subjects have a practical focus on improving the skills of study and make effective management decisions.



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