Think global, act local
Мысли глобально, но держись корней
No man is born wise or learned
Мастером нельзя родиться, мастерству надо учиться

MBA of the Ulyanovsk
State University

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ivanova homeThe modern economy focused on innovative development requires top managers a better understanding of the basic principles and concepts of business, a high degree of competence in decision-making, clear and precise understanding of the global economic outlook. That is why the role of business education, in particular, programs MBA, today so high.
Have a degree MBA - not just prestigious. This is a step forward, a new, higher stage of development, the opportunity to become a professional - but with a capital letter.
Academy of business education that exists in the Ulyanovsk State University since 2006, gives graduates the opportunity to feel confident in any, even the unstable economic conditions. We have everything for this: a highly skilled and creative faculty, the new material and technical basis that meets the modern requirements. We attract successful business coaches from different regions of Russia have confirmed their qualifications, including overseas, we send our students for internships in other countries, where they communicate with foreign colleagues and exchange ideas.
Individual approach and flexibility - the main thing in our work. We are not looking for the numbers: the group includes a maximum of 10 students. This ensures the exclusivity of training that involves MBA.
All this makes it safe to say that our graduates - are excellent leaders, successful, and successful businessmen.
Join us and we will teach you to be rich, because "knowledge - force."

Tatyana Ivanova

Dr.Ph., Professor,

MBA Program Director


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